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Mitch Tamiau

EXOS Sports Performance Specialist

Strength & Conditioning


Mitch is an ex-professional rugby player who had to hang his boots up early because of a massive injury curse. He believes mindset is everything. Through his experience in playing professional rugby, Mitch knows what needs to be done to be at the top of your game to achieve those goals. 


A passionate and energising man who creates a fun environment during his sessions. Mitch specialises in athletic development in all sports, making sure the individual/teams understand the basic foundations of movement first before hitting the fun stuff. He also specialises in fat loss and muscle gain. 


Outside of the gym, Mitch has a podcast (Pacific Muscle Chats) that he uses to share knowledge that will help people grow as an individuals. He also loves to dance and experience other countries and cultures. 

Wanna know more?

You can check Mitch out on Instagram @themitchtamiau

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