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Stephanie Cuvelier

Exercise Physiologist

Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist

Rehabilitation Specialist

Stress & Lifestyle Management

F.R.C. Mobility  Specialist (FRCMs)


Stephanie is an Exercise Physiologist, specialising in rehabilitation, lifestyle change and management, as well as athlete development. She is also a current Nike Training Club Trainer.


Steph believes the most important piece to everybody's journey - whether it's fitness-related or not - lies in the mental piece. Everything comes down to the mindset that you have got, and your actions will reflect just that.


Her approach to training focuses on laying down your foundations in order to optimise your physical performance. A heavy emphasis is placed on correct technique, in conjunction with learning and understanding how your body is designed to work. 


Steph is a former professional athlete representing Hong Kong in Rugby 7s, and has also represented Hong Kong in the National Women's Netball Team.

Wanna know more?

You can check Steph out on Instagram @stephcuvelier

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