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Central location | Private studio space | Comfortable & safe environment |
Friendly team working on building a community

Calibrate Studios is a wellness studio offering pre- and post- natal training, HIIT, mobility, strength and movement classes. We offer services in the form of personal training, workshops, team building and class activities to promote sustainable lifestyles.


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Stephanie Cuvelier @ Calibrate Studios - You put me through the most rigourous and effective training regimen I've ever done for my first Ironman, and helped me get into the best shape of my life!

24 Sep 2019

Damien Brosnan

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Highly recommend Stephanie and the Calibrate Studio - awesome space in central HK. Stephanie is a brilliant trainer and has run multiple sessions for my team at work and me individually.

21 Sep 2019

Kathryn Hurrell

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Couldn’t recommend Steph enough, helped me mend my muscle separation and body postpartum and kept me pain-free in the next pregnancy. Highly recommend her prenatal and postnatal classes.

19 Sep 2019


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Best workout in Hong Kong! Mobility exercises fixed hip tightness that years of physical therapy never did. I recommend this place to everyone I know.

16 Sep 2019

Jamila Trindle

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Steph is the best! She helped me (and my mom) get into shape for my wedding. She makes the work outs fun and always switches things up so that you never get bored. Highly highly recommended!

11 Sep 2019

Kimberly Hu

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Having been a crossfitter for many years, I was unsure what to expect from Stephanie’s class. However, she was quick to identify my weak points, mainly my mobility, and she was able to provide me with several exercises to improve it. I certainly will recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to strengthen his/her body or just to have a fun class to enhance overall wellness.

11 Sep 2019

David Lin

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Being at Calibrate Studio always puts a smile on my face. The staff are amazing, the space is just what you need, and it's so convenient to get to. Stephanie is the best - she knows exactly when and how to push you that much further to help you reach your goals. Keeping me injury-free and so much more aware of my mobility health, I haven't had to see a physio in.. I don't even know how long!

09 Sep 2019

Vanessa Cuvelier

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Love the place and the Calibrate team. The small class size feels like a good balance between personal and class training, just the right amount of personalized intensity and group motivation. The way the classes are structured also ensures that you get holistic training from mobility, to strength, to personal goals/injuries you want to bring to the forefront. I would recommend to anyone!

07 Sep 2019

Jodie Chan

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I am enjoying my sessions at Calibrate Studios. Stephanie and Andreas are incredibly professional and efficient and they always push me to do more each session in a caring and positive manner. Both trainers are very patient and are always ready for any questions or concerns. They always explain what we are doing and how our different muscles and parts of our body connect and work. Both trainers understand my needs and how to motivate me. I am definitely noticing changes in my posture, muscle tone, mental health and overall fitness since starting my sessions and I am becoming more self-motivated in following up with some of the exercises at home. I look forward to my sessions each week. Thanks Stephanie and Andreas.

03 Sep 2019

Tony Cann

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Best in Hong Kong! Steph is an incredible trainer with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I went to her as I had got bored with the same training programs and started to reach plateaus and pick up injuries. I was amazed at how in depth the initial assessment was in order to find my weaknesses and so Steph could build a program which fit with my goals whilst also improving the overall function of my body. Steph really got me in the best shape of my life but she is so much more than just a trainer. She understands the links between health, fitness and performance and how they are affected by physical, chemical and emotional stress. She will also encourage lifestyle change outside of the studio and encouraged me to get into yoga which had an amazing impact on my mobility, posture and recovery. If it's not already obvious, I highly recommend Steph to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness and can't think of anyone better in the industry at creating sustainable change.

28 Mar 2019

Dr Ben Dyer