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Pre-Natal Strength

Our pre-natal strength classes are designed to not only make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible, but best prepare you for labour. In our small group classes, we will address any aches or pains in your body so you will feel more comfortable addressing your individual needs.


Each class includes pelvic floor strengthening, targeted mobility and full body strength work.

On top of all this, we celebrate community loud and proud! Our aim to create and foster a community for healthy mums and bubs is not limited to physical support, but also educating you with nutrition & mindset tips as well.

Post-Natal Strength

The first few weeks & months of parenthood may feel overwhelming as you adjust to your new life and get reacquainted with your nonpregnant body. Our post-natal classes are designed to address the areas that tend to get neglected post-partum. Each class works to restrengthen areas that may have weakened during pregnancy, strengthening your body through a combination of joint mobility, core stability & full body strength exercises.


Each class concludes with calming stretches to not only lengthen your muscles, but also help to calm the nervous system so that you can recover quickly.


An added bonus? Outside of the physical exercise, we work hard to foster a community that will support and address both the physical and emotional challenges that come with this early stage of parenthood. Babies are totally welcome to our classes :)

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