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Calibrate climbs to the top of Everest

We are raising money for a cause close to our hearts!

We are joining The Keep Moving Project on their second annual Kidzilla, a fitness challenge in support of Love 21 and The Down Syndrome and Autistic Community in Hong Kong.

Our goal:

Rep, step, bike, row our way up to the top of Mount Everest as many times as we can. On Saturday, 14th August, we will be down at the Happy Valley Pitch from 8:00am-9:00am doing a bodyweight workout. We are extending the invitation to the rest of our Calibrate community! In teams of no more than 4 people, The Calibrate trainers have created a program lasting for an hour. The workout is designed so that each team will hit 8,849 reps/metres (the height of Mount Everest) at the end of the session. Afterwards, we will tally up the results in total to see how many times each team conquers Mount Everest. The workout will definitely be challenging yet achievable! The buy in for each team is a minimum of $1,200 and all proceeds will be going towards The Keep Moving Project. We are very excited to complete this fitness challenge over the weekend, raise money for Love 21 and enjoy the Calibrate community. If you would like to know more information or donate and support our team, feel free to visit our SimplyGiving page.

We hope to see most of you down there!

Have an awesome day.

The Calibrate Team


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