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Calibrate Quarterly

While it’s safe to say this was not the new year we envisioned, if 2020 and 2021 are any - we’ll adapt to and grow from yet another shutdown. We want to take this opportunity to firstly thank all of you for your continued support, patience, dedication, and determination these last few years. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to continue to do what we love. Thank you!

On that note, we would like to introduce you to our first Calibrate Quarterly! We felt as though it has been easy to dwell on the negatives recently but we wanted to be the bright light to remind everyone that there are still many many positives - here is a snapshot of some of the incredible things that have happened to the Calibrate Community in the last few months of 2021 and the first few days of 2022!


Our Studio

  • We closed the studio for a few days after Christmas last year to give it a bit of a makeover and touch it up a bit. Nothing as major as our last closure but we’re excited to show it to you when we’re allowed back in!

  • In December we hosted our hugely successful Christmas party - thanks to everyone who came to make the day so memorable and special!

  • In September last year we also launched our new series calibrateRESET. Hosted every few weeks. It’s our take on a recovery session led by Mitch. It’s 2 hours of foam rolling, massage balling, stretching, breath work, and ice bathing. A deeply relaxing and restorative way to start your weekend/end your week!

Our Community

The last few months of 2021 saw some pretty incredible news come out of a lot of clients!

  • One of our youngest clients, Mathea, was selected to attend Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in France. This is the academy that currently trains some of the top tennis players in the world. Huge congratulations to Mathea!

  • Some of our community got running: Chris Lee ran the HK Marathon and after a year hiatus due to COVID, Damien Brosnan finally got to run the Boston Marathon!

  • One of our pre-natal mamas, Rachel Moon, gave a moving, insightful, inspiring, and emotional talk at TedX Tin Hau Women where she shared her pre-natal and fertility experience.

  • In non-training news: Jesse Leiter hosted Jefferies’ 2nd Annual Alternative Protein Summit on Dec 1. A great conference talking about the exciting and growing space of meat alternatives. Mitche Choi (our in-house Chinese Opera star) recently not only performed in but also did all the Chinese to English translations of Dream of the Red Chamber opera so it could be enjoyed by a wider audience. She performed in different venues all over Hong Kong with different opera troupes for different local communities.

  • And as the year closed out we saw many new additions to the youngest community. A huge congratulations to all the mamas who had babies in the last half of 2021:

    • Manon Rimbaud

    • Jackie Verralls

    • Jacqueline Law

    • Camilla Stewart

    • Heather Dale

    • Naquita Allison

    • Tash Wade (who sadly recently moved back to Australia but deserves an honourable mention as a longtime member of the community)

    • Also, our MASTERS community got to get in on this as Craig and Janet Joyce became grandparents!

Our Staff

  • Steph won Best Personal Trainer at Liv Magazine Wellness Awards

  • Calibrate Studios won Most Unique Class at Liv Magazine Wellness Awards

  • Steph and Mitch participated in a very spur of the moment Spartan Race and ran with all the grace, poise, and elegance you’d expect.

  • Wu competed in her first Powerlifting Competition and landed herself on the podium! Go Wu!

  • Cait went back to Canada for the month of December and during her 21 day quarantine back in Hong Kong, she and her husband cycled a combined 1,600km to raise $160,000 for their charity, Solerico. The funds will be put towards their solar powered irrigation pump project which benefits farmers across Nepal. You can find out more about their cause here: If you want to donate you can click the button below!

We hope you enjoyed reading about what's been going on with Calibrate and our amazing sure to keep an eye out for our next one!



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