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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 15-16

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums all over the world!

This week was rather quiet on the training front, I struggled with energy levels (read: I basically had none) but I actually co-attribute this to:

1. The first week of our favourite HK humidity and heat (hello summer!) has always gotten to me. Even after 23 years of being here the first week of summer always gets me.

2. Being hotter than usual because I'm growing a human.

In addition to the energy levels getting me down, I've done a great job spending the past 28 days outdoors, making the most of the sunshine and therefore putting off all my errands. A smart person would have done 1-2 boring "adult" errands (like sorting out life insurance) and arranged 1-2 meetings a week over the past 4 weeks. Instead I decided to do everything within the first 4 days this week which meant I found myself running out of hours in the day to train.



Nothing at all, I literally could not find any spare time to even get a decent stretch in. The only saving grace is I have always preferred to walk everywhere instead of taking public transport so I still got my 15k steps in.



45 min run (after a running hiatus last week, I'm back!) & 30 min stretch


3 sets each: (admittedly, I had to do these at 2 separate times of day as I didn't have enough time to do them both back to back)

A1. 12 Tricep Push Ups

A2. 12 Cable Rows

A3. 60s Plank Push Ups

B1. 12 Alternating Lateral to Frontal Raises

B2. 12 Delt Flyes

B3. 12 Deadbugs


Once again, today was mostly a day of meetings, phone calls, and needing to actually sit down at a computer and get some work done. All I had time for was a 45 min run and a 20min stretch after.


I still struggled to gather enough energy for a proper gym session so I did my usual walking and did a mini TRX session outdoors.

3 sets each:

A1. 12 TRX Inverted Rows

A2. 8 TRX Assisted Pistol Squats

B1. 12 TRX Hamstring Curls

B2. 8 TX Deficit Push Ups

C1. 12 TRX Y Raises

C2. 10 TRX Tricep Presses

By the time I got home at the end of the day my body was screaming for a stretch and mobility work and I gladly obliged for 30min.


First day back at work in the studio today and it felt amazing! Wasn't feeling up to a big session so I kept the weights light but still did some moving.

3 sets each:

A1. 10 Single Leg Deadlifts

A2. 8 Plank Drag to Renegade Rows

B1. 12 Weighted Split Squats

B2. 8 Kneeling Shoulder Presses

C1. 6 Jefferson Curls

C2. 15 Hip Flexor Marches


Woke up exhausted but hungry, so after a tofu scramble with eggs for breakfast I had a nap. At 11am I was still pretty exhausted but wanted to do something, I had no energy for a run and no energy for a gym session but for some reason I hike sounded like a good idea. So I hiked up and over the Peak into Central and then had a 45min stretch session in the studio.


Mother's Day! Today was all about my mum :) No gym, just a bit of strolling, and a day for her.

Life in general

The heat and humidity definitely got to me this week, it always has but it definitely hit harder this year compared to usual. That's fine though! It was a lighter training week but it still felt great to move.

Apart from that, life was rather uninteresting. I still have nothing to report on the cravings/aversions front, I don't feel all that different yet, and my clothes still fit me. I did finally buy one or two maternity clothing items, most importantly: a one piece swimsuit which I'll definitely need!

I think the best exchange I had all week was at the bank whilst sorting life insurance and it's a story that somewhat reflects my new pregnant state of mind so I'll share.

I went into the bank alone to just sign documents my husband and I had prepared there the day before (long story short, we'd gone in on Monday to both sort out various things but I had to get to a meeting and therefore ran out of time to sign the forms that were prepared). On a non-pregnant day this is already a liability as I tend to zone out in banks, it's all a bit boring if we're being honest. When I went to sign the forms the woman helping us said that we were getting a discount on our first year of insurance and in addition to the discount we were going to get HKD 2000 worth of coupons for what I heard was "Circle".

I immediately assumed that was Circle K. Usually I would have tried to figure out how to add that much to an octopus card and therefore make the most use of it. This time my immediate thought was "that's like....230 ice creams."So I messaged my husband and although he agreed that would be a lot of ice cream he then's not "Circle", it's Sogo.

That makes much more sense. I guess I'll be 230 ice creams short but maybe we can pick something up for Fudge.

I'll leave you with that for the week! Today's about ma mère so it's time to go do whatever it is she's decided to do today!

Have a great week everyone!


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