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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 21-22

Happy Father's Day!

Well, I guess I'm finally visibly at the stage I mentally thought I was at a few weeks back. I had 2 new people in one of my group classes this week and I warned them that in the next few weeks I will get progressively larger due to the whole pregnancy thing. One of the newcomers responded with "really?!?" and the other responded with "I was wondering why you had a belly...!" (gotta love the honesty of some people).

I know some of you caught me in the background of one of Steph's instagram stories on Tuesday as I was hit with a few "you've popped!" messages on Tuesday evening.

So yes, the pop is finally here! Luckily all my clothes still fit for now, this will probably not be true in another week or two...



I was supposed to work from 8am - 6pm with a grand total of only 2 hours free today. Poor planning, I know. However, I had a last minute cancellation which meant I had a free morning and only went 11am - 6pm (this time with no breaks other than a meeting). I made the most of my morning and did the 1hr 30 - 2 hour walk into the studio.


Walked into the gym this afternoon feeling somewhat uninspired but I knew I wanted to do something. As I walked by the leg press I thought “I haven’t done that in a long time!” That then set the tone for the rest of the session.

4 sets:

A1. 8 Leg Presses @ 150 (ish)% body weight

3 sets each:

B1. 12 BOSU Reverse Lunges to High Knee

B2. Side Planks

C1. 12 Leg Extensions

C2. 12 Hamstring Curls

30 min stretch

(2 hours later I had already started to feel the repercussions of the leg press...)


I found myself with yet another midweek day off and used it to its full advantage. Had a relaxing morning with a friend (well, I trained her so I had a relaxing time. Her? Not so much) and in the afternoon I had the option of either going for a run or lounging by the pool with my book. The pool won but I did make up for it by going for a one hour stroll in the early evening.


I popped in a podcast and walked into the studio this morning which was a regrettable decision, it was VERY hot. I was damp for the rest of the day. HK Observatory kept sending me "very hot weather" warnings, they weren't necessary, I was well aware of the heat!

After my lower body session and long walk into the studio in the morning I opted for a heavy upper body pull day in the afternoon.

4 set each: A1. 8 Lat Pulldowns

A2. Plank

B1. 8 Seated Rows

B2. Shoulder Taps

3 sets:

C1. 10 Bent Over Dumbbell Flyes

C2. 8 Miniband Frontal Raise Pulses

Finisher: 5 min on battle ropes (40s on, 20s off)

Finished the finisher off with a 30 min stretch.


I went from 8:30am to 5:30pm with only one break over lunch, instead of training I opted to leave the studio, grab a "lunch to go" and went for a stroll in the sun whilst listening to a podcast. Today was a rest day.


Woke up this morning and the bump decided it had been a long time since she went for a hike, so my husband and I hiked up and over the peak before spending the afternoon in the fabulous company of friends.


Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful father's and father's-to-be! In hour of my husband being a father-to-be we reignited "bring your husband to work day".

He opted for a heavy leg day.

3 sets

A1. 8 Trapbar Deadlifts

A2. 12 Poliquin Step Ups

B1. 12 Split Squats

B2. 40s Copenhagen Side Planks

C1. 8 Single Leg deadlifts

C2. 8 Banded Bird Dogs

45 min stretch and mobility

Life in General

I'm happy to report that I still don't have any weird food stuff. Nothing I’m craving and nothing I’m repulsed at the thought of. I did have a bit of a dip in appetite towards the end of last week and beginning of this week, I honestly just wasn't hungry at all. My appetite did pick up again by about Wednesday afternoon this week though.

More importantly, the news you've all been waiting for! She kicks!

I was suspicious at first about a week ago so didn't want to say anything, but I'm fairly certain what I'm feeling is actually kicks now. She's not very strong yet so they're hard to feel but she gives me a kick or two right as I'm getting into bed or right as I’m settling down to read/watch Netflix. Luckily she doesn't kick at night, yet.

My husband has unfortunately yet to feel them because they don't last very long. That doesn't stop him from trying to coerce her into giving him a kick by speaking at my belly button.........which is definitely wonderful and not at all annoying.

Other than that, not much else to report! As I’ve told a few people recently, so far in the pregnancy journey I have nothing to rave about but equally nothing to complain about at all! Some people have it way worse and others have it way better. For the first time in my life, I’m perfectly fine with just being average :)


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