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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 23-24

Hi all,

Fudge had another check up this week with our lovely midwife who just checked to make sure she was baking away nicely. We did a quick blood pressure test for me, heartbeat check for Fudge, and she prepped me for what to expect in the next few weeks. I didn't opt for a full ultrasound as it wasn't necessary, we just had a quick peek to check in on her. Fudge has definitely gained a lot of weight in the past 4 weeks, she is looking much rounder! Her weight gain is also reflected in the slow but steady increase in my weight too.

After our last check up our OB-GYN told me he'd like to see me gain 2kg before my next check up. As usual, I didn't pay attention to it or stress over it. I ate when I was hungry, and didn't eat if I wasn't hungry. At the check up I found out I'd hit it exactly. I haven't been given a target weight for the next check up but I'll just keep on keeping on.

Fudge is becoming increasingly active, although it's mostly just light kicks, every now and then she does pack quite a serious punch. She once punched hard enough to prompt me to go pee...this doesn't bode well for the future when she's a lot bigger and puts much more pressure on me...I've already made mental notes of where all the bathrooms are on my normal walking routes.

As much as I'm sure you'd all love to hear more about my bathroom routines, I'll get to my training!


As I get closer towards the end of the honeymoon phase of the second trimester I've noticed my training is starting to slow down. Also, I was deep into my reading this week which took up a lot of free time. I finished a book I started last week, started and finished a second book, and then started a third. I still did some training though!


HOLY MOLY were my calves not my friends at all today. The effects of Saturday's stair run hit like a tonne of bricks. My calves would not contract at all which meant walking was not really a thing. I did attempt to go for a stroll in the afternoon to see if it would make me feel better but the inability to strike the floor properly led to me compensating with my lower back. After 30 minutes of attempting to "walk" I opted to head back into the studio and literally spent 60min stretching and rolling my feet, calves, and hamstrings.


Walking went much better today. My right leg is basically back to normal and my left is slowly starting to feel much better. Decided to skip some leg work today and worked on stretching and rolling out my calves and hamstrings. I did make it to the gym for an upper body push/pull in-between clients though.

3 sets each

A1. 10 Single Arm Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

A2. 12 Bicep Curl to Presses

B1. 8 Tempo Lat Pulldowns (4120)

B2. 10 Push Ups

C1. 10 Seated Tricep Extensions

C2. 12 Lateral Raises


In the interest of being apolitical, I'll just say "Happy Canada Day" to all my fellow Canadians! Celebrated both Canada day and the bump turning 24 weeks old by embarking on a 7:00am hike up and over the Twins. I hadn't done this hike since April and I wanted to see if I could still make it up and over without dying.

I managed to complete it but it definitely took longer than the 80-90min it normally takes me, surprisingly I still managed a sub-2 hour hike. I think I'll try it again in 3-4 weeks, give myself 2-3 hours to complete it, and definitely bring something like a pocari sweat with me.

Spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.


Woke up slightly nervous about the state of my calves and was relieved when they felt 100%! I think the stretch and work needed to complete The Twins was just what I needed to fully recover from Saturday!

I didn't have too much time to train today but I did grab a few resistance bands and minibands and trained outside at the studio.

3 sets each:

A1. 12 Overhead Banded Squat

A2. 15 Banded No Moneys

A3. 20 Double Banded Lateral Walks

B1. 12 Straight Arm Pulldowns

B2. 15 Poloff Presses

B2. 20 Double Banded Monster Walks

In the afternoon I popped a podcast in and went for a 2 hour stroll between clients in central and my end of day client in Happy Valley.


Didn't have the time or the energy for much more than a 2 hour walk today and to be fair, the only reason I walked was because I had 2 podcasts I wanted to listen to, both were just over an hour. When they were over, I made my way back to the studio.


Went for a long 2 hour walk into Central in the morning popped into the studio for a quick train and long stretch and mobility session.

3 sets each:

A1. 10 Staggered Stance Barbell Deadlifts

A2. 15 Banded Hip Thrusts

B1. 10 Seated Shoulder Presses

B2. 30s Single Arm Plank

45min stretch and mobility


Went for a stroll from Pokfulam to Shouson Hill in the morning and spent the day with my parents and some friends. We cooked up an Ottolenghi FEAST for lunch and finished off the day with Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, extended version of course. Quiet Sunday to end a fairly quiet week.

Life in General

The pop is definitely here, I think I'm on my last week or two of normal shorts...With one exception, I've officially transitioned from the "really?!?" response to my warning to new clients that I'm pregnant to "I was going to ask!" I think the fat clothes are going to have to come out soon! Side note: does anyone know where in HK I can buy maternity gym shorts?

I've also officially hit the window for the oral glucose tolerance test which is probably the aspect of pregnancy I'm looking forward to the least (aside from the whole labour thing - that's going to be a serious bummer), I really really don't have a sweet tooth so I feel like it's going to take a lot of will power to not throw the syrup up. I have to do the test at some point between this week and the last week of July when I go see the OB again. I'll attempt to procrastinate as little as possible but I'll have to also be strategic with my test day as I'll need to space clients accordingly...

On the nutrition front nothing has changed! My brief tryst with salmon started and ended fairly quickly. It's not that it didn't sit well with me, it's more I just don't really feel like eating it. So I'm back on vegan omega-3 supplements. My appetite also hasn't picked up yet but I do make sure I eat a larger meal on the days I'm more active. My snacks are generally quite nutrient dense, although I have indulged in an açai bowl per week for the last 2-3 weeks. It's just so hot outside and they're so yum!

Hormonally, I was definitely quieter from about Thursday onwards. Being around people always brings the best out of me and pumps me up but at the back of my mind it does feel a bit forced. I basically spent all of Saturday alone, walked, gymed, read, and went for a swim. Being moody is obviously not a great feeling but I've decided I shouldn't feel bad about it, I'm growing a human. I'm allowed to be quiet and reserved every now and then!

Next week is going to be super busy. Calibrate's Supreme Leader is taking a much deserved week off so my schedule has filled up with an extra few classes and an extra 5-6 hours of clients. It's going to be a GREAT week with the team, busy but great!

As always, have a fabulous week everyone - speak to you all next Sunday!


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