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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 24-25

Happy Birthday to Jack, Fudge's dad!

Well, what a week! It was a busy one!

Didn't have a check up this week but I did convince myself to top off the busy week with the glucose tolerance test. What a treat. The glucose drink is only maybe the most disgusting thing I've ever had to consume. The last 3 mouthfuls were by far the worst, it took every ounce of willpower to not throw it up. The only thing that got me through it was the knowledge that if I did throw it up, I'd only have to drink it all again.

For all of you who don't know what a delight this is, imagine being force fed 300ml of warm, liquid, artificial syrup. For those of you who have had to go through this, I'm sorry for bringing up the horrible memories...I actually want to stop talking about this now as just remembering this experience is making my throat all itchy again....

Let’s get to the week!


I honestly didn't do much by means of weights at all this week as every day was packed with clients...I knew going into the week I wouldn’t have time at all to step foot into a gym so I decided on Monday that my priority was going to be keeping my step count up in the 15-20k mark.


I worked 8am - 5pm with only one 2 hour break. The break coincided with lunch and if I didn't take the time to eat, I wouldn't eat until dinner (not ideal). So I strolled in the sun while I ate lunch. More importantly, if I hadn’t left the studio over lunch, I would have been in there for 9 hours solid. Also not ideal. I do love the studio, but not quite that much!


Woke up at a usual hour (6ish) and used the later start to stroll into the studio. I got in at 9/9:30 and worked from 10am - 5pm. Again, I only had a 2 hour break and although this break wasn’t over lunch, I did need to use the time to get myself from Central to Happy Valley. I popped in a podcast, walked over to the Valley as quickly as possible and then spent the remaining time walking around the running track.


Woke up with no plans in the day whatsoever - I had a day off! I was thinking I'd either go to the gym or go for a nice hike but once I started to get moving I felt a pretty sharp pain in my pelvis. I decided to start walking, give it 3-4 minutes, and if it was still painful I'd turn around and head back home. Instead I found walking made me feel a lot better, however I decided hiking or a gym session was probably not going to be a good idea. Instead I walked along the water from Pokfulam to Repulse Bay, then walked back towards Shouson Hill, stopped off to say hi to my parents, and walked home. The roundtrip took around 4 hours.

Had lunch at home and originally planned to spend the day lying on the sofa because my Thursday was shaping up to be almost a solid 6:30am - 5pm of work.

Instead, my cabin fever set in. I went down to the gym in my building for a quick 25min run and a super super super fast upper body session:

3 sets:

12 Standing Cable Rows

10 Arnold Presses

15 Cable Lateral Raises

After that I did lie on the sofa.


Luckily my 6:30am cancelled so I didn't start until 7:30am, but then it was almost a solid day straight through until 5pm. The only break I had was in the afternoon but again, I had to get from Central to Happy Valley for my final client. My options were: go to the gym and train, then head straight for my client, or go for a walk. I took one look at my step count for the day and due to being studio-bound all morning it was at a dismal 563, so I went for a 2.5 hour walk to get it up to 20,000 before my final client of the day.


My 6:30am this morning did not cancel which was actually wonderful. I had to fast ahead of my 9am glucose tolerance test so the busier I was in the morning, the better - took my mind off of the hunger! At 11:30 I'd finished with 3 clients and finished with my test and, after 17 hours, I was finally allowed to eat again. I strolled for 90min after eating and then went back into the studio to train ahead of my final session of the day.

3 sets:

A1. 10 Dumbbell Thrusters

A2. 45s Isometric Squat Hold

B1. 12 Offset Split Squats

B2. 30s Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

C1. 10 Kettlebell Cleans

C2. 10 Kettlebell Halos

And with that, the working week was over!


With no plans for the day other than dinner, Jack and I did the same walk I did on Wednesday. A 2 hour stroll from Pokfulam to Repulse Bay along the water. We sat in the shade in Repulse Bay for an hour people watching.

Out of nowhere I suddenly got very lightheaded so we headed to 7/11 for a lemon green tea and then popped up to lunch in The Repulse Bay. A Pad Thai by the beach always solves all of life’s problems.

I spent the afternoon in the air con, watching TV, before heading into Central to meet the hubby for his birthday dinner. Last year we went to a speakeasy, and a solid Egyptian meal, and had more wine. This year we just had Nepalese food.


Today was Jack’s actual birthday so he got to dictate the day (to some extent). I decided what I actually needed most today was a day to just do nothing. We went out for brunch at Cafe Grey and then went over to my parents place where I spent the afternoon clearing out the spare bedroom (it’s become a bit of a store room in recent months). Jack and I will come stay here for the first week or two immediately post-birth. It might be super early but I had to start clearing while I’m still able to move boxes and furniture around!

Life in general

Well I think I'm starting to finally feel pregnant! The bump is a lot harder to ignore but it hasn't been a hindrance, yet. To be honest, the only thing I really notice it is when I demonstrate squats to clients, gotta widen that stance!

I also think I’m starting to slow down in terms of energy levels. I find a get tired more easily whilst doing day to day things. Not enough to be a hindrance yet but enough for me to notice. I‘m about 10 days out from the third trimester though so that’s to be expected somewhat. I’m going to try and hold onto the energy as long as possible!!

Apart from the revolting glucose drink this week, my diet remind the same as always. Lots of fruits and lots of veg. I did do some prep before and did some damage control after the glucose test to make sure I didn’t take on any unnecessary sugar.

The only other thing I keep forgetting to mention is the nighttime pins and needles are really starting to set in! I probably wake up once every 2 or 3 nights in the middle of time with pins and needles in my arm.

Fudge is increasingly active which is honestly just pretty awesome. Not annoying yet. Although, having said that, the other night she did wake me up with a pretty solid rib kick! That was also the same night Jack whacked me in the hip in the middle of the night...The family wasn’t a fan of me that night I guess.

The punching aside, I still sleep very soundly which is good. I’ve always been a good sleeper and I consider it a blessing that I’ve been able to maintain that through pregnancy, so far. The deep sleeping has also resulted in some pretty AWESOME dreams, very vivid, and VERY random. In one, I abandoned Jack on a raft in the middle of the ocean and paddled myself to safety (safety was a large pirate ship). I abandoned him mostly because The pirate ship was very far away, I was in a very old and very large, heavy kayak, and jack had said if he did get into the boat he wasn’t going to help me paddle. So I left him. He wasn’t too impressed. In my further defence, the raft he was stranded on also had 15 golden retriever puppies so it wasn’t like he was completely alone.

On that note, I do have to leave you all here as I should probably get back to celebrating Jack’s birthday with him instead of being on the computer!

More from me next week!

Stay awesome, friends.


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