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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 25-26

Happy 5th day of HK's version of a lockdown...

Started off my week with some great news: I'd passed the glucose tolerance test which means I have not developed gestational diabetes. Also, despite a history with iron deficiency anaemia, my iron levels are normal and I'm not anaemic. Great way to start a the week!

As I'm sure most of you are aware, in light of the third wave of COVID we had to close Calibrate again this week. The news broke out on Monday night and definitely threw off a lot of plans for the week! Luckily (or maybe the better word to use is unluckily...), we've been here before so most clients were willing to once again adopt the same strategy as in April - offsite or online. This time I am being more strict though, no home visits, and no training outdoors between the hours of 11am - 3pm, it's simply too hot for me.

I started off the week under the assumption that this week was going to be a much quieter work week which would have meant I could spend more time on me, but the lockdown announcement definitely changed that! The first 3 days were great because they were much quieter than last week but the second half of the week was probably just as busy as last week due to having to juggle offsite locations, the heat (which is increasingly intolerable), and training! I did get up to one or two active things this week though!


One thing I should mention first, I find I am getting a tired faster these days, this means that instead of doing my usual giant sets (3 different exercises back to back before I rest), I've reverted to a more standing superset (2 different exercises back to back). This just lets me rest sooner and recover better. The only exception to this was Thursday but that's only because I exclusively worked with bodyweight/resistance bands - no weights.


Woke up to the news that my 8am wasn't going to make it in so I took the morning to go for a nice long gym session. Hit the track and the kettlebells and finished it off with an amazing stretch/mobility session.

5 sets each

A1. 50m Prowler Push @ 100% current body weight

A2. 10 Alternating Bent Over Rows

B1. 50m Cross Body Kettlebell Carry @ 50% current body weight

B2. 20 Alternating Lunges

C1. Poliquin Step Ups

C2. 30s Battle Ropes

45min stretch and mobility


Had a morning of back to back clients before a long 3 hour break during which I could train. I realised that what I'd suspected towards the end of the day yesterday was in fact true, I've strained my right glute (yes, I've pulled my butt). I do have a bit of a history with a pinched sciatic nerve and every now and then (as in once or twice a year) it acts up a bit. All it needs is a bit of R&R so today I gave it some. I hit my 10k steps (just) and called it. Although it did mean I had to do an upper body session which I wasn't really in the mood for but worked through anyway...

3 sets each:

A1. 12 Seated Cable Rows

A2. 10 Incline Push Ups

B1. 10 Narrow Grip Tempo Lat Pulldowns

B2. 10 Kneeling Arnold Presses

C1. 12 Kneeling Tricep Extensions

C2. 12 Bird Dogs

20 min stretch


And here we are again, back where we were 3 months ago with the gym closures. Wednesday is still my holiday day so I used it to do fun things like go to the dentist. My dentist is in Repulse Bay so I used the early afternoon to stroll along the water back home. I'd planned to spend the afternoon by the pool to finish my book but with the pool closed I settled for my sofa and some aircon instead. I was temporarily annoyed I couldn't be outside but given how hot it is it's probably better for Fudge to stay indoors.

It was actually a wonderful afternoon! At 9pm last night I started a 600 page book, a great "notputdownable" crime novel (normally 10000% not my cup of tea). I had to convince myself to go to bed at about 10:30pm. Today I read pages 150-600 in two sittings (with the dentist being the break between readings). It's not often I get to dedicate that much time to reading a work of fiction and I always feel GREAT when I do, it's basically like watching a movie/TV show in your head!

Today was less physical training and more imagination training which, given all the fun, uplifting, and positive news circulating through the airwaves, is just what the doctor ordered!


Back to the offsite sessions we go! Had 3 in a row in the morning out in Happy Valley before an afternoon in Tamar Park - outside in the scorching heat all day!

We're also using this time to clean up the studio so I spent some time in the studio with Carole and Dre in the afternoon tidying up. I did manage to also squeeze in a quick resistance band session outdoors.

3 sets:

A1. 10 Cossack Lunges

A2. 10 Straight Arm Pulldowns

A3. 30s Poloff Isometric Hold

B1. 12 Hip Thrusts

B2. 10 Banded Y Raises

B3. 45s Side Plank


Woke up this morning completely exhausted. In hindsight I definitely overdid it yesterday, the full day out in the sun took much more out of me than expected. Luckily I had a really quiet morning today (one in the Valley and one in Tamar) and was done by 11am. I then went straight home, showered, and spent the day reading and watching TV. I needed out of the heat, out of the sun, and off my feet!


I passed out at 9pm Friday night and woke up just after 6am with absolutely no agenda whatsoever. I've recently started to read while I eat breakfast (the news is just not worth reading anymore, it's better for my mental health to get lost in a book) and it being a weekend just meant I could read for longer!

At about 8am I realised that I wasn't going to have time on Sunday to go to the studio to take the BUMPS photo so I'd have to go in today. I decided the best way in was up and over the Peak. More socially distant than taking public transport, cooler than walking roadside, and it doesn't take too much time!

I briefly considered training at the studio but by the time I got in I decided against it so I just took the photo, downed about a litre of water, and spent the afternoon chillaxing.


Up and at 'em early this morning. Left at 7am for a stroll with friends along the boardwalk to Repulse Bay for a morning coffee/tea. Great way to start the day!

Spent the afternoon with friends and babies, always a solid mix!

Life in General

First let's talk about's getting a bit toasty in Hong Kong and the bump has definitely noticed and is not too impressed. Not only am I getting much hotter much faster, I'm also experiencing energy depletion at rates I've never experienced before. To friends and family (including my parents who I need to reassure here): I do take extra precautions now that I'm responsible for ensuring not only my own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of another human. I definitely walk in as many air conditioned buildings as much as possible (even if it takes longer), I'm drinking more water than I ever have before, I sit as much as possible while I train clients, and as I mentioned earlier I am refusing clients between 11am - 3pm.

If I couple the heat induced energy sap with the general unavoidable third trimester energy sap the results are pretty fun:

  • I have noticed that my appetite has really picked up during the day. I've been feeding it with a healthy mix of fruits (the fruit of the week was the pear) and yoghurt pots and occasionally throw in the slightly unhealthier sugar bombs like honey green teas, juices, and granola bars.

  • Despite the hunger during the day, I get home at the end of the too tired for dinner. I start to get hungry at about 5/5:30pm, tell myself to hold off until dinner, and then I'm not hungry at all by the time food is put down in front of me. I feel like I just don't have the energy to eat.

  • Sleep is still my all-time bestfriend. I average 8.5-9hrs per night and although it makes me the most antisocial wife it does feel great! I sleep super soundly and almost undisturbed (every now and then I have to wake up to pee - so cliched but so true)

In the coming weeks I definitely foresee a reemergence of my ever trusty "nap-day" (very different to "nap time", a nap-day is a full day dedicated to multiple naps where as nap time is just....a nap) and I think the training will definitely start to taper to once or twice a week. Walking and hiking are still very well tolerated though which is great, I love a walk!

Time for my fun fact of the week: whilst at the dentist I learned about the mysterious "bleeding gums" symptom of pregnancy our version of What to Expect When You're Expecting was on about. I didn't know this was a thing until we read about it in the book so I asked my dentist about it when I saw him. He said some women experience pregnancy gingivitis. Essentially (and I'm no dentist so don't quote me on this!) due to the hormonal imbalances some women's gums react more severely to plaque build up which causes their gums to bleed! Luckily I don't have this but it was good to clear up what I thought was a strange pregnancy side effect...

With that, I think that's about all I have to say this week! I'll leave you with one final word of (self-)encouragement. While it is true I spent this week struggling with energy levels I remain naively optimistic that I'll get used to it, my body will adapt as it has already had to do so many times, and next week will be better! As always, I'll continue to listen to my body and to Fudge as they know what's best.

With that, I'll talk to you all next week - after my official start to the third trimester!


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