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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 34-35

And the one month countdown begins!

To celebrate the one month countdown to the arrival of Fudge, Jack and I have opted for a technology free staycation at the Four Seasons. This does mean that I'm writing this post on Friday evening, before we head off, so I've just guessed what we did over the weekend. We got to the hotel at 10am on Saturday to make the most of the pool and I won't be back home in time to edit this post before it goes up on Sunday afternoon.

This week was all about starting to taper the lower body strength and focus more on lower body mobility and stretching. I also rediscovered my love for the nap this week. Took 2 hour naps on both Thursday and Friday (and realistically probably slept poolside on Saturday - even if it was raining).

This week I also did a lot of home renovation work. Sold/gave away some old pieces of furniture, installed new furniture, and moved some furniture around. Nothing like doing last minute home improvement works at 35 weeks pregnant, would highly not recommend...

To get a sense for how the week started, we had 2 empty bookshelves placed right by the front door (ready to be sold and picked up at a moment's notice), 200+ books strewn around the living room floor, 6 unmounted wall shelves and brackets in the corridor, and a plan to install those shelves on Saturday morning. Which would mean a week of walking around books, shelves, and bookcases (until they were sold).

In addition to the furniture moving - I did do some actual training too!



I woke up this morning still pretty tired from the day of home improvements yesterday. I had a day off of work but did have a few follow up home reno errands to run and had a lot of rearranging to do at home. By the end of the day I was too tired to go to the gym but I did go down for a 70min walk and read later on in the day, if anything just to clear my mind, get out of the cluttered flat, and just to get some solid moving in.


Popped into the gym in between groups of clients today to mostly stay dry but also do a bit of upper body training and lower body mobility.

A1. 10 Incline Chest Presses

A2. 10 Seated Tricep Extensions

B1. 12 Face Pulls

B2. 12 Kettlebell Bottoms Up Presses

C1. 10 Kettlebell Halos

C2. 8 Standing Supinated Chest Press

30min lower body mobility and stretching


The initial plan of mounting the wall shelves on Saturday fell through because I completely forgot that in order for me to teach Zoom classes during the week, I'd need the living room floor. I came to this realisation on Tuesday afternoon...That meant today was rather hectic.

All 6 shelves were mounted onto the bedroom wall between 10-11am*, then I had to head off for a client. Leaving the mess of concrete dust, nails, screws, and drills to be dealt with later on. I'd also moved the mattress, the bedding, and the bed frame.

I came back home at 1:45pm needing to not only eat lunch but also deep clean the entire bedroom and hallway of all the concrete dust, put the bed frame and the mattress back, put the bedding back on the bed, and then move the 200+ books from the living room floor into the bedroom area . This meant embarking on the world's fastest deep clean - I had a Zoom class to teach at 3pm. In order to protect Fudge as much as possible it also meant doing all of this with a mask on.

I was absolutely dripping with sweat and felt incredibly dusty and dirty but I did manage to clean the bedroom and clear the living room in time to teach the class!

After the class I decided to mop the flat once more, just to make sure it was indeed clean. I was too tired to deal with the books so decided to wait for Jack to come home from work to do that.

By 9pm I was asleep.


Woke up at 6am absolutely starving and by 7:15 I was back in bed. Had a casual 2 hour nap and then woke up to teach a Zoom class.

I made the most of the break in downpours to go for a 90min podcast and stroll and then spent the rest of the day not doing much. I was honestly pretty exhausted all day.


Had a LONG gap between clients today and decided to spend part of the break at the gym. I did another (mostly) upper body strength and lower body mobility session and then went home and managed a few minutes of admin work before taking an amazing 2 hour nap.

3 sets:

A1. 10 Incline Push Ups

A2. 10 Standing Cable Rows

B1. 12 Seated Bicep Curls to Presses

B2. 15 Bench Supported Glute Bridge Marches

C1. 12 Tricep Press Downs

C2. 15 Poloff Presses

45min lower body mobility

Saturday and Sunday

Staycation time! I imagine we did a mix of pool lounging (yes, even in the rain - if it did rain), room lounging, talking, general chilling, and reading!

Life in General

For the first time I have a food related update to report! For the last week or so I've noticed that coffee isn't sitting to well with me. It was great for the first 4-5 sips and then it would make me feel slightly nauseated and, weirdly, very bloated. On Tuesday this week I stopped drinking coffee and I immediately felt MILES better! So I'm currently back to my pre-2012 days, just tea and water! I don't know how long it will last but of all the food related things to happen, this one is definitely one I'll happily accept. As much as I love the taste and smell of coffee, I'm not sad to see it go.

On Thursday this week I had a bit of a panic as I realised I hadn't felt Fudge move for a while. My feet and hands then got very swollen, seemingly out of nowhere. I decided that instead of panicking I should just get out, go for a stroll, and reset myself. That did seem to sort everything out, Fudge was happily rolling away by the evening and the swelling in my hands went down immediately. I did pull out my compression socks in the evening though - just to give my lower limbs a helping hand. I didn’t have any issues with swelling before or after Thursday either which was good!

On the energy level front, I did a bit better compared to last week (the naps helped). I felt I had a more consistent source of energy and managed to do more than 10k steps a day each day without thinking too much about it. Thursday was the day I felt the most drained but even then I managed a good walk in the morning. I’m definitely taking time to appreciate the moments I do have energy but I also LOVE the moments where I just nap. I’m also still a huge fan of sleeping and still sleep very well.

Apart from that, nothing much else to report this week!


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