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calibrateBUMPS: Cait's Week 39-40

Hi team!

Slightly different layout this week due to the news we received on Wednesday at our doctor's appointment. This post is currently scheduled to come out on Sunday at 5pm but I doubt I'll have time to update it from Friday evening onwards though so it won't be fully up to date!

For those that don't know, we went to the doctor on Wednesday (which was our due date) to have what turned out to be our final check up. During the scan our OB noticed that my amniotic fluid levels had dropped a bit which basically kick-started a pretty strict timeline in terms of getting Fudge earth-side. The OB performed a membrane sweep with the intention of coaxing her out and then said it's best to schedule an induction by the end of the week. So, if we make it, we go in at 7am on Saturday for a medical induction which means that by the time you are all reading this, Fudge is probably here!

Before that, let's get to the week. The theme for the week was "nap time".

Monday - 1x 1 hour nap

Took my sister shopping in the morning to pick up a few things for her birthday. I then spent 5 hours ambling around, first with my sister then by myself. I didn't really do anything but I certainly racked up a fair few steps (12k)! By 4pm I was back at my parent's house and took a much needed nap at about 5pm.

Tuesday - 1x 2 hour nap

Took an online client in the morning (because I'm incapable of completely switching off apparently) and then decided today really needed to be a more relaxed day. As great as the last few days have been, I think I was a little too keen to do everything with everyone so I needed to just chill. Tomorrow is membrane sweep day which means it might very well be labour day too. If that's the case, I want to be well rested! The body definitely feels sore and a bit worn out today so I wanted to spend as little time on my feet as possible. Went out for lunch with my sister and parents and then came back home for a 2 hour nap and some solo time before Jack and I had a quiet night in.

Wednesday - 1x 1.5 hour nap, 80min walk

Went in for the membrane sweep at 9:30am. I'd heard that the sweep could be painful so I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't. It wasn't the most comfortable experience but, as I've always said, compared to what's about to happen - I really didn't find it bad at all.

The rest of the day was essentially a write off. Following the sweep Fudge was really quite active (I imagine she was fairly startled - she's never had anyone touch her before and this morning someone had a poke around her head!) which meant I wasn't super comfortable for most of the day. I attempted to read or to do some work but mentally was just not in a space to do either. So I watched a bit of TV, took a 90min nap, and just relaxed.

Later on in the evening Jack and I went for an 80min sunset stroll - great way to end Due Date Day!

Receiving the news that there's a timeline in place is kind of strange, mentally speaking. Today I tried my best to just keep my mind off of it, stay calm, and stay level headed. Naturally that meant sleeping!

Thursday - no nap, 60min walk

Woke up in the morning and had a quiet breakfast at home before heading over to my parents' place in the mid-morning. We had a few morning errands to run and I wanted to get a bit of walking in because the weather was so lovely. Ended up doing the boardwalk walk from Repulse Bay back to Shouson Hill with my sister before heading home for an afternoon of boardgames and an evening of chatting.

Friday - no nap, 60min walk

Today was pretty similar to yesterday. Morning stroll, errands, relaxing...After lunch Jack and I came home to pack. Regardless as to what happens we will be heading to the hospital at some point between writing this and Saturday 7am.

We sorted out hospital bags and then made the most of our last evening at home as a twosome (i.e. we watched Schitt's Creek and lounged around).


Don't really know what happened but I'll update you all next week!

Huge thank you to everyone who sent messages of love and support our way this week - we love and appreciate you all and we're super thankful to have you all in our lives!

Fudge can't wait to meet you :)


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