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Kidzilla vs Mount Everest

On Saturday, 14 August, the Calibrate community took part in the Kidzilla vs Mount Everest fitness challenge to help raise money for the Love 21 Foundation and the Down Syndrome and Autistic Community in Hong Kong!

Each group of four's had to complete the workout below in order to reach the height of Mount Everest in reps and metres. The participants split the reps/metres however they wanted amongst themselves. The goal was to climb Everest as many times as they can in one hour.

4,320 Metres Run

800 Russian Twists

800 Squats/Glute Bridges

800 Butterfly Situps

800 Half Burpees

800 Crunches

800 Walking Lunges

= 1 height of Mount Everest

The families from Love 21 also came down and joined in on the fun!

With the amazing effort of every single person who turned up, we are thrilled to have raised HKD$37,640 for Love 21 and climbed Everest 13 times as a group! This couldn't have been possible without the amazing turn out and support from our Calibrate Family. We are incredibly grateful for everyone's generosity, energy and spirit!

It was awesome to see our community come together for such a fantastic cause and we can't wait for our next community event already.

Let's keep spreading the love and positivity together!

The Calibrate Studios


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