Notice: Calibrate Mini Bands

As you're all aware, we have got our Calibrate Mini Bands available in our online store!

You will notice that there are two options for you to select at checkout:

1) Standard Shipping

2) In-Store Pick Up (@ Calibrate Studios)

Unfortunately due to the closure of all studios and gyms in Hong Kong, we will only have limited hours for the In-Store Pick Up option.

Monday: 9am - 11am

Tuesday: 12pm - 1pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 1pm

Thursday: 1pm - 3pm

Please contact us directly to set up your pick up appointment via Whatsapp at (852) 6080 0665.

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Calibrate Studios is a wellness studio offering pre- and post- natal training, HIIT, mobility, strength and movement classes. We offer services in the form of personal training, workshops, team building and class activities to promote sustainable lifestyles.