As you are all aware, the COVID situation has left plenty of disruption to our everyday routines. Social distancing, hyper-vigilance with hand-washing & the use of face masks have become our temporary new norm.

Whilst all studio-based classes will remain closed until further notice, we will continue to host all classes ONLINE via ZOOM. This does not include our regular Happy Valley outdoor classes, which will be capped at 3 per class.

As always, please book as per usual via our online booking system when booking in for any of the online classes. You will receive a ZOOM invite link / code prior to class starting.

For easy reference, we have attached our online group class schedule, as well as the relevant discount codes for you to use at checkout. It should be noted that each member is entitled to purchasing a maximum of 2 packages using the discount code.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always, keep a smile on your face 😊

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Calibrate Studios is a wellness studio offering pre- and post- natal training, HIIT, mobility, strength and movement classes. We offer services in the form of personal training, workshops, team building and class activities to promote sustainable lifestyles.